Ensuring Ripper e-News Content

Ensuring Ripper e-News Content

Mailchimp makes it pretty easy to set up an e-Newsletter campaign.  What those little monkey’s don’t do is get your customers to open your email, visit your website, buy your products.  That is up to you and the content you create.  Here are 3 tips for creating ripper e-Newsletter content.

1.  Ask yourself: “Why Would Anyone Want to Hear From Me?”

This is another way of saying have a strategy before you start randomly cluttering your customers inboxes.  This does not have to be rocket science.  You probably receive heaps of email newsletters yourself – ask what would make you open an email from your company.  Don’t start until you’ve found a really good answer.  And if the answer differs for different customer groups – create a different newsletter for each group.

2.  Speak as you would like to be spoken to!

Think about it.  You don’t like to receive email that preaches, tries to sell stuff you aren’t interested in or is filled with fluffy or false rubbish like “employee of the month”.   Why would you expect your customers to be any different?

3.  Tell ’em where to go!

Ok.  You’ve got their attention; now make sure you tell them where to go (you know what I mean).  For each article you feature ensure you are clear about what action you are expecting from the reader, then clearly ask them to do it.  If you want them to go to your website to read more…sayread more.  If you want them to buy something online…say buy now.  Readers will scan your newsletter and you have seconds to help them decide to act.