How Your Blog is Boosting Your SEO

How Your Blog is Boosting Your SEO

In the navel-gazing echelons of agencies and marketing departments there is debate about whether search engine optimization or content marketing is more important.  But the debate is academic – because strong content is probably your most powerful SEO weapon.  Consider these 3 ways that your blog is boosting your visibility on the web.

Boost keyword usage on your site.

Assuming your keywords relate to your industry and your blog is providing industry information, chances are you will be using keywords throughout your blog without even trying.

Google loves fresh and relevant content.

Google’s algorithm has been favouring “freshness” in some searches for a couple of years.  Most recently Google has adopted “conversational search”, to get at the contextual meaning of the terms used in a search.  In other words, Google is getting better and better at searching out content that is up to date and relevant – which of course is what you are providing with your blog.

Blogs posted on social media drive traffic.

Your blog is not only website content – it is also content to be used in social media.  Every like andretweet opens up a whole new audience – not simply for your blog, but for your webpage.