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Just because you have a website, doesn’t guarantee anyone is going to find you online. If your site is showing up on page 10 in a Google search, or your Google Analytics suggest that close to no-one is visiting your site, then it’s time to focus on building traffic and sharpening your SEO.

Make sure you are listed in relevant local directories. Our local search packages get you listed with Google My Business, and other key directories. Not only does this ensure that customers find you in directories, it will also boost the authority of your own website, bumping you up the search listings.

Create compelling content. Provide great tips, interview industry thought leaders, provide “how to” guides – whatever content is going to pique the interest of your target audience. Not only will this help customers find you, it gives them a reason to keep coming back. Try our content starter kits to get you going.

Get social. Social media helps to build your traffic in a number of ways. The more followers you have on social media, the higher your rankings are likely to be. Your social pages are also the perfect place to promote great content, which will pull followers to your website. Consider one of our social media management programs, or sign up for our social media training to get the most out of your social pages.

Start a newsletter. Send a monthly newsletter jam-packed with all the great content you’ve developed over the month. As readers click through to articles on your website, your traffic will rise. We can get you set up to produce your own newsletter, or we can do the lot so you can focus on your core business.

Start guest blogging. Get your content published on other websites and blogs. New traffic from these sites will feed into your site, boosting traffic. We can help you to find guest blogging opportunities as well as write your blogs.

Advertise. Online advertising through social media channels, Google AdWords and AdRoll are targeted and measurable. It usually takes a couple of tries to find a formula that works for you, but once you find it your traffic will take off. We can help you to plan and execute an online advertising campaign.

You can start building your traffic on you own using these tips, or call us today for a free one-hour planning session.  We will audit what you are currently doing and provide recommendations on how you can start to increase the traffic to your site.
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