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Small business owners increasingly recognise the potential of social media to build their brand. But too often we see busy owners who have set aside precious time to set up social pages and post regularly but are not getting  traction with their social activity.
Movers and Shapers can act as your very own social media manager. We will work with you to identify the key opportunities and help you to avoid the curse of social media (wasting time).

Choose your social networks carefully. Don’t bite off more than you can chew by signing up for every new social media platform that comes along. We can help you to identify the 1 or 2 networks that are going to give you the most bang for your buck, so you can focus your efforts.

Make sure your social pages reflect your brand. Before you start finding fans or creating posts you want to make sure that the structure and images on your social pages sell your story. We can help to set up or fix up your social pages so they reflect the real you.

Have a content plan. Ad hoc posts can be great but you need a content plan to get the most out of social media. We can advise you on how to create your own content plans, or we can develop content plans for you.

Offer value to your friends and fans. A recent study for the NY Times found that 94% of people consider if a post will add value before they will share it with their friends. We can help you to identify and create shareable, high value content.

Run promotions and giveaways. A great way to add value is to offer special promotions and giveaways to your fan base. We can help you develop and manage online offers and freebies.

Advertise. In our view the real potential of social media is as an advertising medium. All social media networks now offer extremely cost effective ways to target exactly who you want to talk to. We can help you to build a campaign that will not only build your brand, but grow your social presence.

Check out our Social Media Starter Packs to get going quickly. We can help you to get started or we can be your social media manager,  providing ongoing assistance and content. Alternatively give us a call for a free one-hour planning session. We will help you to create a social media plan that boosts sales without wasting time.
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