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Most small business owners want to be the “go to” person in their field. We want to be the “best family lawyer” or the “most knowledgeable physiotherapist” or the “experts in fitting shoes”.
The online space is the perfect place to sow the seeds for an expert reputation. Movers and Shapers can help you to enhance your business name using some or all of the tools below. We can create a strategy that you implement yourself or we can project manage an entire campaign.

Make sure your website communicates your expertise. If your website acts only as a catalogue then you are missing an opportunity to position yourself. Ensure that you include content that clearly illustrates your specialist knowledge.

Write a regular blog. Your blog should demonstrate your expertise by providing valuable information and highlighting key issues in your industry. Ensure that you share your blog as broadly as possible to maximise your reach.

Guest blog on related sites. A great way to communicate your expertise to new leads is to guest blog on related sites and newsletters. For example, if you have an accounting practice you might write a blog on superannuation tax issues for a financial planner.

Develop informative videos. How-to videos make for extremely engaging content and a great way to position yourself (or your staff) as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Publish informative case studies. There’s no better way to prove your expertise than with a successful case study. Not only do you demonstrate your knowledge, you are also able to prove the value that knowledge can deliver.

Run regular podcasts or webinars. If your expert reputation is really important to your business then it is worth investing in creating regular podcasts or webinars.

Use content marketing and publish broadly. Create and curate interesting and relevant content and publish it widely so people start to associate your business with industry news and expertise.

Proofread and triple check. Typos, messy websites, pixilated images all make you look less professional. Only do things online that you have the time to do right.

Make sure your Linked In profile looks great. The introduction of Linked In means your CV is basically available to everyone all the time. Make sure your profile looks great and supports your expert positioning. Do the same with key staff members.

You can start improving your reputation on your own using these tips, or call us today for a free one-hour planning session.  We will audit what you are currently doing and provide recommendations on how you can position yourself as “the” expert in your field.


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