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Small business owners are familiar with the catch 22 of lead generation: when things are going well you don’t have time to build a pipeline, then one day you wake up having to chase business to get some money coming in the door.
Online marketing techniques enable you to chase leads cost and time efficiently. With a bit of planning you can create a lead generation machine that keeps working in the background, while you are focused on servicing your existing customers.
Movers and Shapers can work with you to create short term and long term lead generation programs using some or all of these techniques.

Lead Generation Tactics

Find leads with Ebooks and other freebies. People don’t want to be sold, they want to be informed. Ebooks, infographics and PDF checklists that provide potential customers with valuable information make great giveaways. Share your freebie every way you can, but require people to provide their name and email address in return. Now you are building a list of leads you know are interested in what you have to offer.

Find more leads using Webinars. An informative webinar, whether free or paid, is another way to identify warm leads. Make sure you get their email addresses and at the conclusion of the webinar ask them to sign up for your newsletter or download your latest eBook.

Make sure you have a high value newsletter. If you don’t have a newsletter already, you should start one. Make sure your newsletter is focused on informing not selling. Then put the newsletter sign up everywhere you can think of: on all website pages, at the bottom of blogs and articles, you can even us a QR code to place the sign up form in print advertising.

Develop a series of emails to warm your leads. Once someone has downloaded an eBook, participated in a webinar or registered for a newsletter, don’t leave it there. Construct a series of emails to go out over subsequent weeks that will warm your new lead by adding more value.

Publish a regular blog. Particularly if you are selling a service or are in B2B, a blog is a fabulous tool for lead generation. Publish your blog everywhere you can to reach as broad an audience as possible. Always have the sign-up for your newsletter on the blog and use the margins to promote the products or services you offer.

Leverage social media. Make sure you share you blogs, newsletters and freebies on all your social networks. For high value posts consider a targeted social advertising campaign to expand your reach.

Bolster your local SEO. The easier you make it for potential customers to “discover” you online, the more new leads you will generate.

Consider co-promoting with synergistic brands. One way to expand your reach is to leverage the database of synergistic brands. So for example, if you have a legal practice, why not create a joint newsletter with an accounting practice that goes out to both databases. Now you gain exposure to the accountant’s customer base at no additional cost.

You can start generating leads on you own using these tips, or call us today for a free one-hour planning session.  We will audit what you are currently doing and provide recommendations on how you can develop a lead generating machine that works effectively in the background.
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