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Interesting, relevant and changing content is the key to successful online marketing. For one thing great content makes your website visible to more people because search engines love fresh content. Your customers love great content too and this builds your awareness, reputation and traffic.

Maintaining a steady stream of great content can be difficult when you are focused on driving your core business. Movers and Shapers is here to help! We can work with you to establish a customized plan for content development or why not begin with one of our Starter Packs.

Content Starter Packs

A great, economical way to get started with content marketing is with one of our starter packs. We offer a retail starter pack suitable for retailers, hospitality and other businesses that want to keep their name in front of potential customers and keep feeding them ideas that may prompt purchase. Our expert starter pack is suited to professionals and others in knowledge or service industries that want to impress potential clients with their expertise.

We can just provide the content – leaving your staff to manage the uploading and programming. Or we can do the lot, preparing the content and programming it to your website and social media pages. We can even create a regular monthly newsletter so you can email your content to existing customers.

Premium Plans

If your business demands a customised content marketing strategy, we can tailor a program to specifically suit your industry, objectives and marketing budget.  Contact us today for a free one-hour planning session.

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