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At Movers and Shapers we don’t make the mistake of thinking that online marketing is rocket science. It’s more than feasible for small business owners to manage all or part of their online marketing in-house very effectively so long as they have the time, resources and knowledge.
We develop training programs to help small business owners and their staff to find their way around the free tools, plan effectively and avoid any internet gremlins and promotional pitfalls.

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Social Media Management & Advertising

This course is designed to enable small business owners and their administrative staff to manage social media pages effectively and professionally.

Social media is a vital communications tool in today’s world. But it can be an enormous time waster for already busy small business owners. This 2-part course is designed to enable small business owners to make the most of the time spent on social media and/or to delegate social media management responsibility to administrative staff with confidence.  It also provides the knowledge you need to use social media as an advertising and promotions tool.

We are expecting to offer this course in September 2017.

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