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Running online promotions like photo contests, sweepstakes and giveaways can help you to achieve a wide range of business goals.

You can design promotions to:

  • Generate new leads,
  • Boost sales of a specific product or service,
  • Attract people out of the cloud and into your store,
  • Build brand awareness,
  • Engage your audience in a bit of fun.

Movers and Shapers is here to help.

  • We design a tailored promotional program and manage the campaign from go to whoa.
  • All promotions are fully costed and structured to ensure that costs won’t blow out if the offer goes viral.
  • We set up your landing pages, web and social ads and any offline collateral to support the offer.
  • And, of course, we monitor the promotion throughout and provide detailed reporting to help you assess the success of your campaign.

Whatever your objectives give us a call and we will design an effective promotional campaign to meet your business goals.

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